5 Things to Look For in a Recruitment Agency

Things to Look For in a Recruitment Agency

On-site HRs have their hands full of duties that are vital for the organization. So, when it comes to recruitment, some tasks may not get the full attention that it deserves. Choosing the right candidate for your organization can help it boost forward or vice versa. 

But selecting the right candidate comes with a lot of attention to details that might not be possible for HRs who are busy performing other crucial tasks. So, it’s always a good choice to consider outsourcing your recruitment process and hand it over to some trusted recruitment agency.

But that too comes with its own challenges. Not finding one, as there are a number of recruitment agencies in Bahrain, but finding the right one, that you can trust and you just know that they will find the right candidates. 

But for that, you have to know what to look for when choosing a recruitment agency. Here’s a brief guide outlining what to look out for in a recruitment firm when you are planning to outsource your recruitment process.

Core Expertise

The first thing to consider when choosing a recruitment agency is its type. Recruitment agencies today come with all sorts of specializations. Some recruitment firms, nowadays, specialize in finding people for specific sectors. Some are general, no doubt, but there are others who can fulfill a bulk requirement, or of getting candidates for executive roles. 

So, be specific and clear about your requirements and check if that criteria is fulfilled by the agency that you are planning to hire.

Candidate Screening

One of the benefits of hiring a recruitment agency is that they will shortlist the potential candidates for you and you won’t have to spare a thought about that. They will find, engage, and shortlist the candidates themselves. However, you need to know the exact process they are maintaining for shortlisting the candidates. 

If their screening plan doesn’t align with your business goals and perspectives, you are likely to end up with candidates that do not share the same values of your organization and aren’t a good match. So, always work with an agency that understands your business and is willing to go that extra mile to help you out in the recruitment. Not just providing a large number of candidates, look out for their screening process to know exactly how they narrow down on them and see if that matches your business goals.


When dealing with a recruitment agency, find out their exact experience in that field. Not just the number of years they have been serving, but how successfully they have filled up similar positions for other companies in the past. 

Ask for their client list and read the testimonials before you go for it. If the agency has been there for quite some time and has found talents for similar job roles earlier, then your job becomes easier. With experience on their side, it would be easier for them to source the highest talents and execute quickly, that’ll save your time and you can fill up the available positions with quality talents.


Finding a recruitment agency is not tough in itself, but finding one that’ll be committed to sourcing you quality talents can be. So, talk with them first. See whether they are listening and trying to understand your business requirements clearly. 

An agency that doesn’t understand what you are looking for is likely to find out people whom you are not looking for either. So, make sure the agency you hire knows the industry, the size of your company, and your personal business needs. A good agency will always ask for feedback after interviews to make sure they are targeting the right pool of candidates. 


The final thing to consider while hiring a recruitment agency is the costs. Recruitment agencies normally charge a percentage rather than a fixed amount. This percentage usually starts at about 15% though they can vary as well. So, compare the charges of different recruitment agencies. However, do not settle for the cheapest one. Just make sure that the costs are within your budget and the agency that you are planning to hire meets the other requirements.

Recruitment is never an easy process and the right candidates will just not be waiting at your doorstep. You need to put that extra effort to find the right candidates for your company. There are several great recruitment agencies in Bahrain that you can hire to help you with recruitment. And with our tips mentioned here, you are sure to land up with the right agency that will look up every detail of your business and provide you with talents that’ll be just right for your business. 

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