It is common that people often travel to a different location, and their address changes. Reasons may be many such as a new job or a move into a new city etc. It is crucial to inform important people about the change of address. You do not forget to let all of your important contacts know about the change in address. The important things that need to be kept in mind when writing this letter make it clear as well as clarify the reason for the change of address up to the point and also explain why informing about the change took such a while.

What is address change request letter?

Because postal correspondence is important and is performed on a regular basis, it is best to inform the people concerned as soon as possible of the change of address. For a change of address letter template, you can refer this guide and find out what more steps are required.

Tip for writing Change of address letter:

  • The letter ‘s tone should be respectful and polite
  • It should be up to the mark
  • Mention the explanation for address transition
  • It’s prudent to apply a certain proof of address for the new address
  • Let the letter be short, precise and to the point
  • Recheck the letter for any grammatical or punctuation errors.

A basic template for change of address request letter:



Date: _____ (Date on which you are writing this letter)



Subject: Information regarding Change of Address

Respected Sir/Madam,

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your notice the change of my residential address.

Please make the following change in your database. The following is the change in my address.

Old Address:

__________ (mention the old address)

Old Telephone Number

New Address:

_________ (mention the new address)

New Telephone number: __________ (Mention the new address)

If you still have queries regarding this change of address,  kindly contact me.

Kindly note that the new address mentioned above is my residential address and all correspondence should be at this address.

Thanking you,

<your name>

Basic Address change Letter templates

Subject: Change of Address

Dear Mr. Neil Patrick,

I take this opportunity to inform you that our company – Ayolla Limited – has moved from 234, Lincoln Street in Mayhem Park to a new location to serve you better. Our new address is:

Ayolla Limited
213, Trayen Street
Season’s Lane
California – 5543679

Please be kind, so as to forward all correspondence to this address. It will be a pleasure to serve you from our new premises.



Announcement of Change of Address Letter

Dear Samantha Wood,

 Good day!

 This letter is to inform you that we shall be moving soon to our new office. We will no longer operate at our former address. If you wish to visit our company, please take note of our new address and contact details

 We highly appreciate it if you forward this announcement to your accounting department.

 Also enclosed with this letter is our recent brochure on our new products for your review. I hope our offerings address your needs and preferences. If you have any other questions regarding such matters, you may contact us anytime. We welcome any and all inquiries. 


 Martha CollinsHR,

 Acme Corp

Sample Notice of Office Relocation

To whom it may concern:

We are pleased to inform you that with effect from 15 December 2008, our company has been relocated to new building as follows address, the main telephone and facsimile numbers remain unchanged.

Our new building location at:

38 Kaki Bukit Place LM Techno Building.
Singapore 416216

Tel No. +65 6884-5500(Main Line)
Fax No. +65 6884-5550

We look forward to your continued support.
We will strive for providing the excellent service in appreciation of your support.

Billing address has changed letter to friends and family

Subject: My billing address has changed, please update your records

Dear Friends and Family,

I wanted to inform you that I have changed my primary billing address to [insert your personalized billing address]. Please update my contact information in your address book and direct your messages to my new billing address.

Some mail programs allow you to instantly add my address by right clicking on my address in the ‘From’ line above.

Your messages are important to me, thanks for keeping my information up to date.

[Your Name]
[Your email address]


There can be lots of reason behind change address of any specific persons or any company or any local shops/ firms. But after or few days before transferring to new address you have to inform formally to banks, government authorities, clients, etc. To avoid any confusion regarding your new address to avoid lack in postal communication.

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