5+ Free Employee Welcome Letter Templates

A welcome letter to a new employee gets them excited for their first day, prepares them for orientation, and gives necessary first-day info. It should be personal, with specific reasons why they were hired. These are also called new employee orientation letters. Employee First Day Welcome Letter Dear Samantha Kevin, Good day! We are delighted […]

HR Policies List in India| Your Company Must Have in India (2021)

HR policies are the framework and guidelines by which the employees of an organization are managed. They work on making the company compliant with the local government laws. This happens by creating processes to meet the ever-changing government requirements. HR policies in India truly focus on striking a balance between safeguarding its employees and the […]

What are the actions identified as Sexual Harassment

The laws of India requires us to lay down guidelines and a forum for redressal of grievances related to sexual harassment. This policy takes complete cognizance of the latest legislation by the government of India “The Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and its notification published on 9th December […]

Types of contracts with workforce and organizational policies

Learning objectives   1. To understand the importance of employment agreements and why an agreement should be preferred over a unilateral letter of employment;  2. To learn about the key aspects that must be addressed in the employment agreement;  3. To understand the relevance of clauses such as the non compete, lock-in, and non solicit clauses;  […]

How are legal proceedings for violation of labour laws initiated?

Various labour statutes and the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 (“ID Act”) provides for a wide variety of dispute resolution methods. Adjudication means a compulsory settlement of disputes by Conciliation Officers, Labour Courts, Industrial Tribunals, or National Tribunals.  A Labour Commissioner’s Court is also established under various Labour Laws. We shall discuss each of the afore-mentioned […]

Top 5 benefits of HRMS for businesses

Today all across the corporate world the need for a dynamic remote work environment is increasingly being felt. Situations have warranted the need for organizations to adopt and rely on HRMS solutions to function at their optimal levels. There have been many studies and reports which have concluded that around 13% of all organizations work […]

8+ FREE HR Letter Samples | Format and design

HR Job Invitation letter Sample Dear Mary Will,  This letter is regarding your application for the new opening of Senior Manager. We have considered you as a possible candidate and would like to invite you to attend an interview in the office room. Please bring three references as well as a copy of your documents along with […]

How Virtual Team Building Will Lead to Growing Business Paths

Modern technology is changing our life day by day, as well as the atmosphere of the workplace. Virtual team building is one of the breakthrough innovations of modern technology. Virtual team building is an assembler’s process that is used to bring your themes in one place. It will assist you in making strong bonds by […]

5 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities | Tips and Challenges

Virtual Team Building fun activities have eased your process in enhancing your business. For example, you can record activity through a video mode and can leave it to your workspace. Just by making a video call or group call, you can reach to your partner. How Do You Make Virtual Team Meeting Fun Activities There […]

50+ Free HR COVID Documents and email Letters

With the work from home situation, the COVID situation seems to be taking a toll on the HR systems. Renewal of different norms and terms have increased the work of HR in all sectors. Appointment and other business operations can be significantly delayed because of WFH and in that scenario, the number of letters that […]