How do you start a Business Proposal Letter?

A formal proposal letter is a specialized document that introduces your business ideas to an important recipient who holds a decision-making role. A proposal letter isn’t just a review of your full proposal. It’s a persuasive preliminary document meant to intrigue a reader enough to find out more.

Dear Watson Reed

Good day!

On behalf of my organization, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to you for showing interest in our organization and allowing us to make the proposal for the project.

The principal purpose of this formal proposal letter is for you to have an overview and idea of our projects and in what way we can also honor and show appreciation for your contribution. This letter also contains an attached document of our proposed ideas and all the necessary details and information regarding the project.

If you have clarifications or questions regarding this proposal, you can contact me through the number or you may email me. We are looking forward to a more positive and progressive engagement with you in the future. 


John Smith

HR,  Acme Corp

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