Complete information about JIO Phone Next | Price, and Features

This is a low-cost 4G phone, which will be available for purchase in the market starting September 10. It is a fully-featured smartphone and supports the entire suite of applications from Google. Users will also be able to access all the apps via Google Play Store. JioPhone Next comes with truly breakthrough premium capabilities including […]

How to find how many phone numbers do you have without knowing your name?

We take a lot of numbers without even knowing it. Forget the old number. Not only that .. The incidents where some people are taking SIMs in our name. And, how do we know how many phone numbers are in our name in such situations? That is why the Union Ministry of Telecom is giving […]

New Corona (N440K) second wave in India | symptoms, and Preventives

About N440K virus: A new Coronavirus has been evolved in AP, Telangana, Maharashtra and Karnataka by spreading rapidly and which is more powerful than Covid-19. This virus was detected in the United Kingdom which is 70% higher in contraction rate than the original virus. As fear looms up, every other mutant variation of Covid 19 […]

How are legal proceedings for violation of labour laws initiated?

Various labour statutes and the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 (“ID Act”) provides for a wide variety of dispute resolution methods. Adjudication means a compulsory settlement of disputes by Conciliation Officers, Labour Courts, Industrial Tribunals, or National Tribunals.  A Labour Commissioner’s Court is also established under various Labour Laws. We shall discuss each of the afore-mentioned […]

How To Plan Out Your Healthcare Marketing Strategies Amid COVID-19?

Healthcare marketing has become a prior need in this COVID-19 pandemic. People are paying more attention to the health and immune system to protect themselves from this virus. Don’t you think this is the right time to market your healthcare services and get good recognition in the market?  In this uncertain scenario, where people are […]

What are Business ethics and principles

As the name of the topic suggests, Business ethics clearly indicates the various principles and laws that a business organization must consider in order to thrive in the market. The principles contain all the values that maintain harmony in the organization. It is very important for the society that corporations maintain a certain level of […]

4 Common HVAC Issues and Why to Call BPO for HVAC Service

Most of you residing in the world, own HVAC systems, right? In fact, you depend on these to create a comfortable and breathable environment for your home. After all, everyone hates dealing with study, claustrophobic ambience. However, what happens when an HVAC system goes wrong, or malfunctions. If it’s your home, you’ll feel stuffy and […]