5 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities | Tips and Challenges

Virtual Team Building fun activities have eased your process in enhancing your business. For example, you can record activity through a video mode and can leave it to your workspace. Just by making a video call or group call, you can reach to your partner.

How Do You Make Virtual Team Meeting Fun Activities

There are numerous ways to make a virtual team meeting fun. This includes creating a strong bond or relationships with your office colleague, who are not working in the same place as you.

As your team members will not get more time to interact with each other, so they will focus more on the work. Whenever all remote employees are connected in the same rope, they can improve productivity by motivating each other.

Also, you can observe each activity of your team members by monitoring them virtually. So it carries a good essence of healthy bonding and betterment of productivity. Furthermore, you can charm up your partners through some entertaining activities at the weekend or free time. So, these are some Virtual Team Building Fun activities.

Challenges Faced by Conducting Virtual Team Games?

Now it has become a common thing to proceed with your work virtually and this is a kind of energetic process. Triple like it most because of no hassle of traveling, tiredness, etc. So the employees put more concentration on the work and more effectively the finish it. But while you are conducting you are working, or playing games virtually, you might be suffered some challenges. They include as follows:

  • A communication gap due to less interest with your partners.
  • Dissimilar communication priority.
  • Variations in walking procedures.
  • Less productivity.
  • Lack of trust.
  • Difficulty in achieving something.
  • Open connection with colleagues and less granting.
  • Deficiency in management and promising services.
  • Unable to throw the right approach.
  • Continuous self guessing.
  • Unrevealed incompetence.

Forget about the outside world for a while and incorporate these activities into your next zoom meeting!

5 Fun Virtual Team Activities list

Virtual Team Activities list


STEP 1 Ask each member of your team to share a few personal facts about them individually.

STEP 2  Accumulate all the facts in a sheet and share it with each individual. 

STEP 3 Provide an empty column next to each fact and ask team members to mention whom the fact belongs to. 

STEP 4  Finally, reveal the answers to the team and see how well they guessed. 

INSIGHTS:  An amazing way to learn your team member’s interests outside of work.


STEP 1 Designate one person with the task of sharing their bucket list each week. 

STEP 2 Mention the length of the list and make sure it stays the same for everyone. 

STEP 3 Spend some time discussing each bucket list by comparing similarities or maybe ask some funny questions. 

STEP 4 Make sure not to miss out on anyone while gathering the bucket list.

INSIGHTS: Team members learn about their personalities and realize similarities between them.


STEP 1 Ask each member of your team to present two truths and a lie about themselves. 

STEP 2 Now, give a chance to everyone in turns to recognize what’s true and what the lie is.

STEP 3 Once everyone has completed their turn, reveal the answers! 

STEP 4 To make it intense and thrilling, add a scoring system. Where each correct answer gets a certain amount of points.

INSIGHTS: It is a classic icebreaker activity and is widely known!


STEP 1 Ask your team members to grab a partner each. 

STEP 2 (IMPORTANT) Now, ask each duo to get on a personal call and tell their partner about their perfect vacation in detail. 

STEP 3 Once everyone is done, connect everyone on a call and ask them to explain their partner’s dream vacation as accurately as possible! 

INSIGHTS: This activity requires active listening in order to explain it accurately. Helps to find similar interests between team members.


STEP 1 Create a list of general topics that are non-explicit. 

EXAMPLE:  “Never have I ever stopped by traffic police” “Never have I ever slept off during a meeting”

STEP 2 Make sure you have a points system where members lose a point for each activity they’ve done.

STEP 3 Announce the last person standing as the winner for the activity!

INSIGHTS: Wildly famous activity known to crack ultimate laughter!

“Fun at work is as important as oxygen to humans!”


These are the estimations of the occurrence of challenges we have fun into the virtual team building. Although these are not happening in all the cases. If the mode of communication for the two persons is different then it lacks proper communication. For this reason, the work could not be progressed anymore. But you can see many illustrations of successful virtual team building in front of you.

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