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Retirement Letter Examples

What is a Retirement Letter?

The retirement letter is a written format that officially warns an employee of their expected retirement. Suppose you wish to resign before you officially retire. In that case, a notice will also be sent in the form of a letter from the manager or human resources employee, which is also known as a retirement letter. Thus, employees may be mentally prepared to receive leave notices from their work.

Retirement Letter of Intent

After retirement, a new session will be waiting for the retired employee. So it is the right time to share your working experience with the employer through the letter. A retirement letter can be provided in the email or a hand-written form. But it should be free from grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes. Let’s get an idea about the intent of the retirement letter.

  1. Mention a Date

At the top of the letter, you need to mention the retirement death of the employee. This will assist in delivering precise information to the employer and the retired person.

  1. Providing Success Information in an Office or Company

After getting the retirement, the person’s contribution and success should be mentioned briefly. Also, add the duration of working.

  1. Convey Respect

This is the perfect time to express your respect to senior or supervisor. If you are not happy with your job, you still need to convey respect formally.

  1. Highlight Delivered Services

Your inner mind may eagerly wait to proceed working even after retirement, which includes any kind of freelancing job or part-time job. Or if you still want to continue to earn money, you should also mention this in your letter.

  1. Deliver the Letter to Your Higher Authority

Try to deliver this letter to the higher authority so that no problem or confusion occurred regarding your retirement will be there.

  1. Share Contact Details

Try to share the contact details with your higher authority. Because if they want to contact you again, then they can reach you by your mentioned mail address.

Sample Retirement Letter

Retirement letter Format example

Retirement Announcement letter Sample

Retirement notice to employee Letter

Retirement letter to employer sample

Retirement Letter of the Employer to Employee

The retirement letter will comprise the reason behind leaving the job and deliver your view of the employer. This writing delivers the official experience to the employers. The employer will ask for all the documents regarding the retired employee. This document will consist of the information on whether the employee is leaving the job or retiring.

The letter should include some details of the employee as well as his/her Company. You may not add contact details if you want to send a retirement letter in email.

The Retirement letter of the employer to the employee includes: 

Employee’s Name:

Employee’s Permanent Address:

Employee’s Home City, State:

Contact Number:

Email Address:

Date of submission:

Also, the contact information of the Company should be included:

Company’s Name:



City, State:


Respected Mr. /Ms. (Name of Manager)

The letter has 3 sections:

First Section

Convey the information to the employer that the employee is going to return on this particular date.

Second Section

Show your gratitude to the employer and appreciate whatever you have achieved from the company or workplace.

Last Section

Provide helps during transfer.

Yours faithfully,

Signature of the employee

Name of the employee

Retirement Letter with Benefits

Retirement defines the time when you are leaving the workplace, so as a responsible employee, you should definitely mention the things, which you have learned and gained from the company, also highlight whatever the skill you have made.

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