Sample residential property intent Letter

Dear Peter Lee,

Good day!

Subject to the execution of a mutually acceptable agreement of lease of property (“Lease Agreement”) within thirty days after the execution of this Letter of Intent, the undersigned offers to lease the subject property in line with the attached proposed terms and conditions

Each party shall keep confidential the provisions stated in this Letter of Intent, including all information obtained by each party regarding the other. The Landlord / Lessor shall then refrain from offering the subjected property to any other prospective tenants during so long as this Letter of Intent is in effect. This Letter of Intent shall also supersede any and all previous negotiations with the Tenant, whether written or verbal.

If the Landlord / Lessor and the Tenant find the attached terms and conditions agreeable and acceptable, please indicate so in the appropriate spaces provided in the agreement. Upon agreement of these terms, a formal Lease Agreement for the Tenant to review shall be submitted within ten (10) days of the acceptance date as indicated in this Letter of Intent. This proposal shall then be considered valid until next month.


Luke Brown

Sample Lease Proposal Letter of Intent

Dear Samantha,

Good day!

ABC Company would like to present this letter of intent to signify our interest in leasing a commercial space in Time Square

We are a corporation that is in the business of fashion established since 2000.

We already have 12 branches which are located in various commercial areas in New York but this is our first venture in putting up a branch in the area.

I have attached in this letter the photos of our existing branches as well as the lease proposal. I believe that our business complements your company’s business concepts since both our companies cater to the same target market.

I request you to take the time and consider this proposal.


Martha CollinManager, ABC Company

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