Are you looking to propose starting a school charity campaign? Do you need to send a formal thank-you letter for someone’s sponsorship support? When it comes to running or participating in a fundraising event, the need for writing and sending letters is to be expected.

So the creation of these letters must be carried out properly. Luckily, we have a diverse set of professional Fundraising Letter Templates that you can quickly download and prepare! Expedite your writing process by taking advantage of our easily editable samples, which are available in various file formats. So hurry and download now. Mail a donation request, candidate proposal, and more with our 100% customizable letter designs

Nonprofits, schools, and faith-based organizations can all use fundraising letters to raise money for their causes.
Whether you’re raising funds for a particular event, crowdfunding campaign, or the annual fund, we have a letter that will help you solicit donations.

Standard Fundraising Letter

Subject: We can’t do it without you!

Dear [Donor’s name],
[Open the letter with a personal story about why your organization’s mission is so important. The story you tell should grab the reader’s attention and speak to their emotions.]

[Organization name] can only achieve our goals with the help of generous donations from supporters and community members. With their support, we’ve been able to [describe some of your past accomplishments and how donors contributed to your success].

We are asking for your help so that we can continue assisting our community and [insert information about new projects you hope to initiate with the funds]. Would you be willing to donate [amount] to help us reach our goals? If you wish to contribute, please visit our online donation form [donation form URL]. Every donation makes a difference and takes us one step closer to building a better community!

Thank you in advance for your support!

[Name, title, and contact information of organizational leader]

  • Keep your subject short and punchy. Statistics show that readers notice shorter subject lines in their inbox more often than longer subjects.
  • Address every fundraising letter with the name of the person you’re asking instead of using a generic greeting like “Dear Friend.” This will give your letter a personal touch.
  • Be transparent when asking for a donation. Potential donors will respect that you’re asking directly for a specific donation amount rather than beating around the bush!
  • Always thank prospects in advance. Even if readers don’t decide to give, it will show them that you appreciate them taking the time to read your letter

Annual Fund Fundraising Letter

Subject: How will you make a difference this year?

Dear [Donor’s name],
Since [year your nonprofit was established], [nonprofit name] has continued to expand our programs and services in the community with contributions from community members like yourself.

We hope to continue providing excellent services and host many more events to raise awareness. It is our mission to [describe your mission]. To achieve this goal, we rely on the generosity and support of individuals.
This year our goal is to raise [amount] so that we can continue [briefly describe your organization’s goals and projects for the year]. We hope that you’ll make a contribution of [amount] to help us along.

If you wish to support our cause, you can give online [insert a link to donation form] or attend our upcoming [insert event name] on [date]
We would like to thank you in advance for your support!
Warm regards,
[Name, title, and contact information of organizational leader]

  • Ask a question in the subject of your letter to provoke your readers and get them curious about your message.
  • Provide readers with some background about your nonprofit and mission. You can also include information about your achievements last year.
  • Donors want to know how their money will be used. Therefore, you should provide them with details about this year’s goals and projects, but keep this section short. You can always direct them to your website to learn more information.
  • Not only should you ask donors to give, but you should also invite them to attend an event you have planned this year. That way, your donors can support you in a different way.

Campaign-Specific Fundraising Letter

Subject: We can [your mission or solution] with your help.

Dear [Donor’s name],

Once again, we’re hosting our annual [name of the campaign]. Our campaign will begin on [date] and last for [duration of the campaign if there is one]. Last year our campaign raised [amount] from our passionate donors, and we can’t wait to raise even more this year!

We were able to [describe a specific solution or service you were able to provide. For example, if last year’s donations went to fund a school in a developing country. Tell the story of one student and how she is now able to receive an education because of your donors’ contributions].

This year we hope to raise even more, and we need your help to reach our goals! By donating just [amount], you’ll provide [explain what the contribution will go towards. For example, “Your donation of $35 will buy a desk and chair so that another student has a place to sit during class.”]

If you’re interested in making a donation or wish to learn more about our cause, visit our website [link to website or donation form]. We wish to thank you in advance for your support! Every donation, no matter the size, takes us one step closer to achieving our goals.

[Name, title, and contact information of organizational leader]

  • Let readers know how much you raised last year to show how successful the campaign was thanks to your donors’ support.
  • Tell a story of what you were able to do with the funds last year. That way, donors will see the impact that their contribution will have.
  • Ask readers for an exact amount and if possible, tell them exactly what that gift can provide for your cause. It can be as simple as a pair of new shoes for a child in need or enough food to feed a dog at an animal shelter for a week.
  • Give potential donors an opportunity to learn more about your cause by directing them to your website.

Fundraising Letter for Schools

Subject: Be a superhero to the students at [school name]!

Dear [Donor’s name],

At [your school’s name], we focus on providing students with the best education possible. No matter where they want to excel, we strive to make sure all our students have the tools and resources they need to prepare them for tomorrow’s workforce.

Of course, none this would be possible without the generous support from our community. With past donations, we have been able to [describe a project you were ableto complete or a program that was realized because of past contributions].

To continue offering our students a top-notch education, we would like to [mention the project/reason why you’re raising funds].

We would greatly appreciate it if you could contribute [amount] to our school.

If you wish to support us, please visit our online donation page [link to page] or send the attached form with your donation to [school’s address].

Thank you in advance for your contribution!
Warm regards,
[Name, title, and contact information of principal or another school administrator]

  • Show potential donors what you’ve accomplished in the past because of your supporters. This will ensure that the letter stays focused on your donors.
  • When you provide donors with information on how the funds will be used, they’ll feel more comfortable contributing to your cause.
  • You should offer multiple ways to contribute so that donors can pick the method that’s most convenient for them.
  • Make sure to include your contact information in the closing part of your letter. That way, if a potential donor has any more questions, they can contact you directly.

Fundraising Letter for Churches

Subject: Your contribution can make a difference.

Dear [Church member’s name],

Greetings! We hope you’re having a blessed day. Since you’re such an important part of our family, we wanted to tell you about our upcoming [project/mission trip/event/etc.].

As you may know, our church [describes why you’re raising funds. For instance, if you’re looking to build a new atrium to accommodate your growing congregation, you could explain to details on how long the project will take and you fundraising goal].

In an attempt to raise funds, we are hosting an [envelope fundraiser, angel festival, or another fundraising idea] and want to invite you to participate. Our [insert fundraising idea] will take place Sunday, [insert date and time] right after our normal service.

Of course, if you’d like to make additional contributions, donations of any size are always welcome at any time!

If you have questions about our event or why we’re raising funds please feel free to reach out to our project coordinator, [coordinator’s name] at [phone number and email address].

We hope to see you Sunday, and thank you for your continued support!


[Pastor’s name and contact information

  • Start your letter with a warm greeting and let your congregation
    know that they’re valued.
  • Don’t just assume that everyone already knows about your project.
    Make sure to share the details of why you’re raising funds, even if
    you’re a close-knit congregation! Even if your event or fundraiser
    requires a contribution to participate, make sure to let your church members know that you’re always accepting donations.
  • If some of your members can’t make it to an event, they still have the option to give.
  • Provide your congregation with the contact information of the person
    organizing the event in case they have additional questions.

What are the basic parts of a Fundraising letter?

Date of writing the letter
Recipient’s name or their company/organization name
Recipient’s address
Proper salutation
Opening statement/paragraph
Main dialog

How should we ask for donations?

Gone are the days when nonprofits could rely solely on mailed-in donations or cash contributions at events.
Now, multichannel fundraising is all the rage — and for good reason!
You can (and should!) ask for donations in a variety of ways, including:
In person;
Over the phone;
Through letters;
With emails;
Via social media sites;
On your website and online donation form;
At events;
And more!

How can our nonprofit promote our online donation page?

There is no shortage of ways to get the word out about your online donation form.
Some traditional ways include:
Promoting it on your “Ways to Give” page on your website;
Incorporating info about your donation form in your emails;
Including a link in your social media posts;
And more!

How do I pay my money and donation in?

We accept donations in cash, by cheque or BACS (bank transfer). Find out how to send us to send your money in.

How will the money we have raised be used?

We provide healthcare, water, nutrition, education and protection for children with the donations it receives from fundraisers. We do whatever it takes to make a lasting difference to children’s lives.
The money and donations you raise will help us to carry on with our life-changing work. It doesn’t matter how much you raise, whether it’s a £10 donation or £100, every single penny helps us to help children.

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