Basic Thank You Letter for Gift Received

No matter how tiny a gift is it always brings a positive curve faces. One takes their kindheartedness and generosity to a higher level by channeling their gift to you through gifts; it is always value an appreciation. Gifts offer an individual way of expressing one’s love and appreciation. Many can testify how the gift has strengthened […]

Professional Format to Write a Job Interview Request Letter

When an individual is looking for a new job, they may require offering their resumes to many employers. To have a superior chance of standing out from the other applicants, the individual should include a job interview request letter. This gives the person the chance to show his or her genuine interest in the job and […]

Formal Complaint Letter to Landlord about Repairs

This document is a letter written to a landlord to complain about a matter regarding the repair premises. The sender of this letter will be the resident who is renting the premises from the landlord. The primary objective of this letter is to notify the landlord about the issue and asks the landlord to correct it. An […]

Short Resignation Letter without Notice Period

A resignation letter is an authorized document that worker submits to an employer. It serves as a formal notice of aim to resign, often following verbal notice. The letter of resignation acts as a legal record, and provides all the details necessary to formalize your resignation with HR. This resignation letter gives an official notice […]

Formal Excuse Letter for Being Absence for Work

Have you recently been missing from work, or are you scheduling to be out in the future? Is this for any personal reasons? Under this situation, analysis an excuse sample letter can be of big help. There are many reasons why writing a formal excuse letter is helpful. If you are looking for sample letters, especially […]

Guidelines for Writing Formal Proposal Letter to School Principal

Proposal letter can be written to the principal for a school activity, project, school occasion, or for school united up. Formal Principal Letter must include necessary details such as the explanation for the leave, the correct dates of absences, contact information, any essential arrangements and finally, an expression of gratitude.  This is to make sure […]

Formal Offer Letter to Purchase Real Estate Property

A real estate offer letter is a physical illustration of a future buyer’s intentions to buy a home. As its name suggests, a real estate offer letter is a letter handwritten given to the property owner to notify them of a future purchase. Real estate agents play an essential role in assisting the buyers to buy […]