Sample Work From Home Request Letter Templates

Sample Work From Home Requesting Letter Dear Mr. Lucas Davenport, Good day! I am writing to ask for permission to work from home starting March 27th, 2028. With the current global pandemic, I believe that working from home is the safest way to cope with the problem. Moreover, the government-mandated social distancing guidelines prompt us […]

5+ Free Employee Welcome Letter Templates

A welcome letter to a new employee gets them excited for their first day, prepares them for orientation, and gives necessary first-day info. It should be personal, with specific reasons why they were hired. These are also called new employee orientation letters. Employee First Day Welcome Letter Dear Samantha Kevin, Good day! We are delighted […]

How to write a Resignation Letter and 5+ Samples

Is it accurate to say that you are leaving your work? Regardless of whether you have found better job opportunities that help you to progress otherwise or it is composed of personal reasons, composing a resignation letter is a conventional convention that should be followed. Here is a manual for composing a resignation letter that […]

Free Retirement Party Invitation Templates | Word

Retirement Party is a ceremony held to reward a person for accomplishing his/her duty. In this stage, we have to play different roles and have to bear additional responsibilities. So, through this ceremony, one is given the honor and recognition for contributions, and one is also reminded to step into another role to play. Along […]