50+ Free HR COVID Documents and email Letters

With the work from home situation, the COVID situation seems to be taking a toll on the HR systems. Renewal of different norms and terms have increased the work of HR in all sectors. Appointment and other business operations can be significantly delayed because of WFH and in that scenario, the number of letters that […]

HR Preventive measure letter against COVID-19 outbreak

Companies often take measures while a flu outbreak as it is the norm. During the times of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is mandatory to list preventive measures for the employees risking their lives to come to the office. These risky times call for desperate measures that are to be followed by all the employees to […]

Work From Home Letter Template COVID 19

Dear Sam Peterson,  Good day!  Despite the significant changes to our work schedule and conditions due to the ongoing pandemic, our company has decided to continue our business operations. I would like to inform you that I am one of the employees who are eligible for the work-from-home arrangement. Hence, we may continue exchanging updates and […]

COVID-19: Remote Work Guidelines for Employees

Employees who are well are expected to work as usual, unless They are caring for someone who is COVID-19 positive Instructed to hold back from work by a public health official. Employees who prefer to work from home will be working for 9 hours (Normal working hours) irrespective of the start time. Employees who come […]

COVID-19: Measures that Organizations take to prevent

Wipe the surface and objects with a disinfectant that employees use regularly. Sanitize the lift operation buttons by regular cleaning. Employees should use hand sanitizer after using the lift. Do not touch your eyer, nose or face after touching any surface  without washing/sanitizing hands Display posters promoting personal hygiene Advice to avoid close contact (1 […]